As many of you know we have been using ‘learning ladders’ in maths now for some time. The ladders have transformed the way we teach maths and the way in which the children learn.  Every child is now taught in maths from their individual starting point, and they are encouraged to make 2 points progress within any maths unit.  Most children make at least 2 points and many exceed it, which has resulted in many of our children making accelerated progress in maths.

The children have given lots of feedback on our new way of teaching and many of them have expressed how much they enjoy maths now, how it has improved their confidence and helped them to make accelerated progress.

Many other schools have been interested in how we teach maths at St Joseph’s and have been to see it in action for themselves.  As many of you are aware, we were chosen to be filmed for a training video for new teachers, which was extremely exciting!  We will keep you updated on any further developments on this matter.

Over the coming months the maths page will be updated to include the maths policy and calculation policy, as well as some helpful examples of some of the methods we use to teach the children in school.

Many thanks


Mrs L Holder