Local Secondary Schools

We are fortunate to be surrounded by a wide choice of local secondary schools.

To find out more about each of them, please click on their links below.


St. Peter’s Catholic High School http://www.stpetershighschool.org.uk/index.asp

Rednock School http://www.rednockschool.org.uk/

Katherine Lady Berkeley http://www.klbschool.org.uk

Sir William Romney’s School  http://www.sirwilliamromneys.gloucs.sch.uk

Thomas Keble http://www.thomaskeble.gloucs.sch.uk

Stroud High School http://www.stroudhigh.gloucs.sch.uk

Marling http://www.marling.gloucs.sch.uk/

The Crypt School http://www.cryptschool.org

Pate’s Grammar School http://www.pates.gloucs.sch.uk