Maths lessons happen once in day in all classes, however we also look for ways to utilise maths skills through other subjects including science and topic where appropriate. Our aim is to ensure that all children develop mathematical fluency, so that they are able to apply their knowledge to increasingly complex problems over time. In class, children learn new skills and knowledge; they explore these in a range of contexts; they are then asked to apply their skills. Once confident, their learning is deepened through increasingly rich problems and investigations by proving they understand the new concept. This makes up the LEAPs journey.

We have been using ‘LEAPs’ in maths now for some time. This has transformed the way we teach maths and the way in which the children learn.  Every child is taught, in maths, from their individual starting point.

The children have given lots of feedback verbally and within their books and many children have expressed how much they enjoy maths, how it has improved their confidence and helped them to make accelerated progress.

If you are looking to work on maths at home with your child BBC bitesize always provide good educational content:
My maths is also a great place to go for information and activities, children have their own logins for this:

Below are the calculation policies which the school use to teach children their four operations and how to calculate with fractions:
Addition and subtraction calculation policy
Multiplication and division calculation policy
Fraction calculation policy