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Results for 2016-17

We are delighted to share our results following the newly implemented end of Key Stage National Curriculum Tests.

Contextual background

There were 26 children in total in Y6 cohort here at St Joseph’s Catholic Primary school. Of those 26, 2 were on the SEND register, and four were pupil premium. Each pupil is therefore each child represents 3.8%

National and Local Information

Attainment and Progress

As a headline figure, 61% of all children nationally, achieved the expected standard in Reading, Writing and Mathematics.  This is an 8% increase from 2015-16 data  Nationally, 9% of pupils achieved a high standard in all three subjects and this is an increase by 3% from 2015-16. Attainment is based on the children achieving a scaled score which is calculated from the raw score of the test. A scaled score of 100 represents the expected standard on the test.

Progress is measured based on prior attainment at Key Stage 1. To meet progress measure the school should achieve sufficient progress scores in all three subjects. At least -5 in English reading, -5 in mathematics and -7 in English writing (based on data from 2015-16)

St Joseph’s Data 2016-17

In total, 85% of the children reached the expected standard in Reading, Writing and Mathematics combined with 8% achieving a high standard. It is clear to see that we are still well above the national figure for the expected standard.

St Joseph’s 2016-17 National 2016-17
Reading 88% Exp

42% GD

71% Exp

25% GD

Writing 88%Exp

12% GD

76% Exp

18% GD

Maths 88%Exp


75% Exp

23% GD

GSP 92% Exp

54% GD

77% Exp

31% GD


Scale Scores

A pupil’s scaled score is based on their raw score form the test. The raw score is the total number of marks a pupil scores in a test, based on the number of questions they answered correctly. The raw scores were converted to a scaled score. A scaled score of 100 represents the expected standard on the test. Children scoring 100 or more will have met the expected standard on the test

St Joseph’s National
Reading 108 104
Grammar, Punctuation & Spelling 110 106
Maths 106 104

Progress measure for St Joseph’s

St Joseph’s Progress
Reading 4.3 (1.8 to 6.8)
Maths 2.0 (-0.3 to 4.3)
Writing 1.3 (-1.2 to 3.8)


Key Stage 1 and EYFS

KS 1 children meeting the expected standard


Reading – 87.5%

Writing- 75%


KS 1 children working at a greater depth Reading-26%

Writing- 26%



Good Levels of Development


Y1 Phonics screening

2016 2017
School National School National
Year 1 86.4% 77% 85%  81%
Year 2* 100% 64% 100%