Our School Vision

Strategic Vision

At St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School we continue to strive for excellence in all that we do, using the gifts and talents we have been blessed with to bring joy and happiness to others; this includes all staff, governors and children alike.  We achieve this at St Joseph’s through the positive atmosphere, effective leadership at all levels and committed teachers.  All pupils are challenged in every aspect of school life, so that they can be ‘the best they can be;’ academic standards, excellence in sporting and rich, purposeful learning experiences are integral to this success.  The leadership has a well-developed, rigours system for monitoring and evaluating the quality of provision; a culture of continuous improvement through effective self-evaluation, professional development a desire to provide an outstanding education.


Faith, Hope, Love

St. Joseph’s School is a Catholic family where each child is encouraged to love, learn and succeed.

At St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School we:

  • have faith in our children
  • develop our children to have faith in themselves
  • seek to open the hearts of our children to the faith in God
  • see our children as the Hope for the future
  • encourage our children to fulfil their true potential and strive for academic excellence and achievement
  • are a family of love, where each child learns to love and be loved
  • nurture and develop a love of learning
  • aspire to develop life long learners